Granite Recreational Park is a labor of love and a family run business. Owned and operated by Gilles and Wilma Gauthier, the park has come a long way in its 8 years of operation. Cottage owners in the area since 1995, Gilles and Wilma have transferred their love of the Lac du Bonnet area into their park, and it shows. Gilles’ combined talent and passion allowed for the development of their first amenity, the driving range, opening for business in 2007. Wilma’s dream of owning her own restaurant came true shortly thereafter with the opening of Gigi’s Drive Inn. The park has evolved and grown into a wonderful get away with many features catering to a variety of people of all ages.

The addition of their RV campground has created a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere with its own sense of community. Their newly built cabins in 2009 have provided a relaxing get away to couples and families. Their many amenities include Gigi’s Drive Inn, convenience store, gas bar, MLCC, motel rooms, driving range, laundry and shower facilities, and easy access to nearby golf course, Granite Hills Golf Club.

If you are an animal lover at heart, you’ll be in for a treat with the many friendly wildlife sightings in their park. Beautiful deer can be seen on a regular basis. Say hello to their friendly fox friends whom they affectionately call Freddy and Frieda. Take in a quiet moment while you relax watching majestic Canadian Geese nestle in the bull rushes to tend to their nests in the park’s water canal.

From their family to yours, stop in, relax, and enjoy a well-deserved break.